‘Full Circle’

  • While a fictional piece of work, this historical novel is based in part on fact and extracts
    from a friend’s life shared, albeit with some degree of trepidation.
  •  ‘Full Circle’ is a story of the indomitable spirit of a youth.
  • 12 years old and orphaned
    following WW2, he follows a clandestine lifestyle on the London streets while England
    rebuilds after the war.
  • His rescue of another teen from the streets and their liaison cause him to experience the
    pain and intensity of first love and parenthood subsequently separating them.  Becoming a
    seafaring adventurer he spends many years travelling across England and Canada finally
    returning to his homeland to re-claim his lost love and their daughter.

Author’s comment
 Occasionally, a window in life opens allowing the light of ever-enduring love to shine in;
a brilliant all-encompassing love.
As with all windows it must eventually close and the conscious and physical love are no
more only to evolve into an energy force of unimaginable magnitude merging two
soulmates to travel as one throughout eternity.
Many never experience a love such as this but those that do are indeed blessed.



  •      Olive is a story of human endurance spanning over four generations; from the end of the 19th century through to WWII, during the almost-total destruction of Southampton, a port city in southern England.
  • Olive is the spine of this historical novel.  Ostracised at birth by her family, Olive’s life is that of an opportunist and black marketer.  She uses her sex, guile and music skills to move up, but there is a price to be paid and the children bear the cost.
  • Olive demonstrates the impact one woman had on those whose lives she touched.      
  • The book also encompasses the ultimate triumph of 6 children making it to better lives.

 The author’s work epitomizes the spirit and soul of the British People through two wars, who while impoverished still retained their personal strength, comradery and dignity while dealing with the atrocities inflicted upon them.  It is her hope that the writing of this book will in some small way reinforce the importance of remembering those stalwart souls.    

                                                                                                        Publisher Austin Macauley Publishers  (August 31, 2017)

                                                                                                                                      Genre:  Historical Fiction

                                                                                                                                                         204 pages


Publisher:  Austin Macauley Publishers

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